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About us

Culturespaces first introduced digital images and music in a new type of immersive exhibition at the Carrières des Lumières in Baux de Provence in 2012. This new process made it possible to bring art and culture to the widest possible audience and established Culturespaces as a key player in the digital revolution.

In 2018 Culturespaces Studio invested the first 100% digital art center with the Atelier des Lumières in Paris, which received more than 1.3 million people in its first year.

Since then, our exhibitions have been present in 9 permanent Digital Art Centers in Europe, the United States and Asia, which have welcomed more than 13 million visitors, making the studio a pioneer and world leader in the design, production and distribution of immersive exhibitions.

We now have a network of talent that is unique in its field, and our studio combines all the artistic and technological expertise needed to develop large-format immersive experiences.

Our Culturespaces Studio Manifesto

Through Culturespaces, our mission is to make culture accessible to all, by offering an immersive alternative to traditional exhibitions. Each year we expand our international presence to enable a diverse audience to experience art, music and history in a unique way.

Our creative work is based on lasting partnerships with rights-holders, our artistic directors and the creative studios that work with us, to bring to life iconic characters, masterpieces of classical painting and to reveal the richness of the landscapes and cultures that surround us. These strong relationships are the foundation of our success, enabling us to transform ideas into exceptional immersive experiences.

« Les œuvres d’art originales des grands artistes sont éternelles mais toujours dispersées dans des musées ou chez des collectionneurs, dans le monde entier. La technologie d’aujourd’hui nous permet d’offrir de nouveaux moyens pour rassembler ces œuvres, les faire découvrir ou les redécouvrir. »

Bruno Monnier, Président de Culturespaces


Culturespaces' core business is the comprehensive management of cultural establishments. In order to provide visitors with the best possible experience, Culturespaces directly manages, with its own staff, all the services that the establishments offer to visitors: reception, ticketing, cultural programming, bookshop-boutique, tearoom, restaurant, garden maintenance, etc.

With Culturespaces Studio, Culturespaces is the 1st cultural operator to have teams and complete know-how, combining the design and creation of digital art centers, technological mastery for the distribution of exhibitions, the production and catalogue of immersive digital exhibitions, and the presentation of classical, modern and contemporary artists.




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