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Yves Klein

infinite blue

“Yves Klein: Infinite Blue” focuses on this major twentieth-century artist, who set out to turn his life into a work of art.

A native of Nice, Yves Klein loved the Mediterranean sky and was inspired by it to create his first work. He believed that ‘painting is COLOUR’ and he sought to individualize, free, and magnify color in its purest form. With Yves Klein, color took on a spiritual and metaphysical dimension.

This work immerses visitors in the plurality of the artist’s works, going beyond the famous International Klein Blue (IKB), a combination of ultramarine pigment and special binder. Amongst other works, visitors will discover the body prints with his Anthropometries, and nature with his Cosmogonies and his Planetary Reliefs.

Thanks to a selection of 90 works and 60 archive images, “Yves Klein: Infinite Blue” completely immerses visitors in the subject matter and his artistic sensibility, accompanied by Vivaldi’s stirring and vibrant music and Thylacine’s electronic rhythms.

The immersive exhibition dedicated to Yves Klein has been made possible thanks to the kind permission of the Yves Klein Archives and their precious contribution.

A Culturespaces Digital© production
Direction & Design: Cutback 

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