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Our services

➊ Design of Large Format Spaces

With the experience it has acquired in creating or enhancing cultural sites of all kinds, Culturespaces Studio is responsible for designing and fitting out the digital art centers of the Lumières network.

Each space, chosen for its history and its gigantic dimensions, is optimally designed to receive between 500,000 and 1 million visitors. This includes the organization of the spaces, renovation work, decoration, soundproofing, ventilation, video and audio equipment, lighting, security equipment, reception, the bookshop-shop, and so on.

➋ Production studio

Culturespaces Studio works with artistic directors and artist collectives to produce a variety of immersive digital exhibitions: classical, modern and contemporary in long, short or special formats.

Its iconographic service guarantees access to a very high quality digital iconographic database. It also manages the complex issues of rights to the various works (music, paintings, photography, film, etc.) required to produce a digital exhibition, in France and abroad. Today, Culturespaces Studio has a catalogue of digital exhibitions spanning more than 5 centuries of art history, presenting artists from different cultures and pictorial movements.

➌ Audiovisual installations

Culturespaces Studio coordinates and implements cutting-edge technologies to enable the broadcasting of the Lumières network's digital exhibitions with optimum sound and image quality. Since its first immersive exhibition at the Carrières des Lumières in 2012, the studio has continued to develop more efficient and innovative technologies for the creation and broadcasting of increasingly complex immersive digital works, broadcast on very large installations.

To implement this technology, Culturespaces Studio is using a new generation of broadcast servers, capable of simultaneously storing and reading several tens of terabytes.

This infrastructure is controlled by a dedicated version of show control software, designed and developed to meet the specific needs of Culturespaces Studio. More than 150 video projectors, around a hundred speakers and spatial subwoofers, as well as a led mapping installation, to enable a wide variety of lighting effects, all work in concert on each of our sites.

Thanks to its render farm, which is constantly updated by a specialist team, Culturespaces Studio has incredible computing power at its disposal, enabling it to modify and adapt immersive exhibitions in the various digital art centers in record time.