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The Other Garden

“The Other Garden” is a ten-minute-long immersive digital art project in which visitors are immerged in a world of enchantment, introspection, encounters, and the poetry of Nature.

In the form of ten paintings, the visitor will follow the Ferryman as he sails with the currents, taking with him a pot in which a tree grows, sequence after sequence. Emerging from the darkness, the sailor travels across magnificent landscapes in which magical creatures grace the skies with their gentle presence. He encounters the inhabitants of these lands, who live in these awe-inspiring valleys. With his experience garnered during his journey, he finally finds a suitable place to plant his tree where he meets a Ferrywoman who has made her own way, so that it, in turn, can be part of this vast landscape, and can, in turn, take the time to live there.

A Culturespaces Studio© production
Direction & Design: Niels Prayer

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